About Us

Thermo-Cool Products, Inc. was established in the early 1990's and is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. Our products are produced in North Dakota where we take pride in our work and customer service.

Thermo-Cool Products, Inc. initially developed its proprietary evaporative cooling fabric Thermo-Cool® to provide heat stress relief for U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf. With word of the U.S. troops suffering from heat, Thermo-Cool began manufacturing its cooling fabric into specifically designed garments that cool the soldier's major pulse point areas. Thermo-Cool® delivered a ready to wear cooling system that holds water next to the key areas of the body without making the individual feel wet.

After the war, Thermo-Cool Products, Inc. moved its attention to the industrial market in which we quickly established distributors throughout the U.S. in 49 states. Some of our end users include: General Motors, Keebler, Exxon and Burlington Northern Railroad among others.

We are now focusing on the retail world offering cooling and heating products to people and pets. Being a North Dakota company and experiencing temperatures from 111° above in summertime to the bitter winter temperatures of -47° below zero, gives us valuable insight to the needs of people and pets everywhere.

We at Thermo-Cool® believe in living life to the fullest whether you are working hard or playing hard! Our products will help you Live in the Moment, Not in the Temperature!