Cooling Belly
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Protect Your Active Dog From Heat Stroke!

The Cooling Belly™ was created for all dogs that enjoy being part of the action!
Whether they are hunting, doing agility workouts, running or simply just being
outdoors keeping up with their active owners, the Cooling Belly® can help protect
them against the summer HEAT. The outdoors can be fun and exciting but heat stroke is a very real issue that manydogs face. Unfortunately, when a dog becomes victim to heat stroke, if not
diagnosed quickly, they can suffer from life altering consequences or death.

The Cooling Belly™ is designed to prevent overheating. It covers your dog’s chest
and underbelly. It goes on with a simple hook and loop attachment that goes over
the top of your dog.Cooling Belly™ inserts are activated by soaking in cold water for 3-5 minutes.

TheCooling Belly™ comes with 2 inserts so your dog can be wearing one while anotheris staying cold in your cooler or freezer.

Make every hot day a safe and enjoyable one for your companion!

Color: Royal Blue (Poly/Cotton)

Sizing Information: For Cooing Belly™ & Iron Belly™.
XX-Large: Chest 38”-44” / Length 18”
X-Large: Chest33”-39” / Length 18”
Large: Chest 28”-34” / Length 17”
Medium: Chest 24”-29” / Length 16”
Small: Chest 20”-25” / Length 13”
X-Small: Chest 17”-21” / Length 11.5"