Iron Belly
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Iron Belly™ Chest Protector

Don’t take a chance on losing your dog to a preventable accident.
Hunting should be rewarding for you and your dog. Make sure your dog is protected from
the predictable hazards of hunting.
    ■ Barbed Wire
    ■ Branches
    ■ Cockleburs
    ■ Tall Brush and Sticks
    ■ Sharp Rocks

Don’t let these and other elements get in the way of enjoying time with your best friend!
The hunters “Iron Belly” body is made up of a 3 layered patented super fabric. Super
Fabric® is a revolutionary fabric with outstanding cut and puncture resistance. Field tests
show that it is more than 10 times the cut and puncture resistance of cotton and twice the
resistance of the most popular aramid on the market today. The Super Fabric® chest
protector is designed to cover and protect the chest of the dog with an easy top hook and
loop attachment, making it truly a Hunting Dog’s necessity!

Sizing Information: For Iron Belly™.
XX-Large: Chest 38”-44”/ Length 18”
X-Large: Chest33”-39”/ Length 18”
Large: Chest 28”-34”/ Length 17”
Medium: Chest 24”-29”/ Length 16”
Small: Chest 20”-25”/ Length 13”
X-Small: Chest 17”-21”/ Length 11 1/2